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Start Safe program

Safety & asset integrity at Cenovus

At Cenovus, we value safety above all else. We want everyone – employees, contractors and suppliers – to return home safely to their families at the end of the day. We want staff to put safety first, engage their leaders if they are having safety challenges they can’t resolve and to watch out for one another, so we can achieve our vision to be a top‑tier performer in process and occupational safety. With our expanded asset portfolio, we are establishing programs and plans to advance our top-tier safety journey. Cross-functional teams have rigorously reviewed best practices and tools, and harmonized key safety processes, including the Cenovus risk matrix, emergency response plans (ERPs) and our incident investigation process. This effort ensures clarity in roles and responsibilities, further instilling our safety culture and building cross company consistency.

Safety is ingrained in our culture and reinforced in every decision through our principles, systems and processes, and through continued learning. Our facilities and assets are designed, maintained and operated with a primary focus on process safety and asset integrity to realize safe, reliable operational performance. The harmonization of safety programs and initiatives, including the ERPs and Cenovus Operations Integrity Management System (COIMS), are in progress and will be fully implemented through a Management of Change process.

Safety Operations Risk Committee

The Safety Operations Risk Committee was established in early 2021, comprised of senior leadership with the direct responsibility, authority and capacity to achieve our safety vision, create the desired safety culture and oversee implementation of COIMS. The committee develops strategy, based on risk management, and provides direction to ensure entities and functional groups can develop plans to meet its objectives while managing business‑wide risks. It monitors Cenovus’s progress towards meeting its health and safety objectives and provides course correction as required.

Transition to Cenovus Operations Integrity Management System

The Cenovus Operations Integrity Management System, or COIMS, defines Cenovus’s approach to operating safely, responsibly and efficiently and is an important tool in becoming a top‑tier safety performer.

The COIMS framework was launched in mid‑2021 and has three main purposes:

  1. Define what we will do to manage health, safety, operations integrity and environmental risks.
  2. Provide the basis for meeting our operations integrity objectives and health, safety and environmental performance goals.
  3. Continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of Cenovus’s operating activities.

To develop the framework, we engaged the Safety Operations Risk Committee members and gathered their input. As we focus on updating corporate‑wide and entity-level standards, processes, procedures and work instructions, the legacy management systems will continue to be followed until COIMS is implemented across the organization.