Community investment: our focus areas

We think it’s important to give back to communities. Especially in locations that are close to our operations. Through our community investment program, we've identified two focus areas where we concentrate our efforts to ensure we are contributing to the long-term success of those communities and the people who live there.

Our two focus areas

Giving youth a chance

  • Increasing literacy rates
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles
  • Building skills

Strong families, safe communities

  • Increasing access to key social and emergency services
  • Sustaining community traditions

These focus areas align with our business values and reflect the positive difference we want to make.

Targets and results

When it comes to our community investment portfolio we want to measure the impact of our programs to ensure our involvement is making a positive difference in the community, and our company.

Each year, we participate in a detailed audit of our entire portfolio through the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Canada. This audit helps us to understand the total value that our cash, in-kind, employee volunteering and giving, and program management costs bring to the local community. We evaluate our success through stakeholder feedback, third-party evaluation, benchmarking studies and reports from our community partners.

We’ve been a member of LBG Canada since 2011. Each year, our results are published in our annual corporate responsibility report.