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Integrity Helpline FAQ

Yes. You have the option to file a confidential, anonymous report through either the toll free telephone number or the online form on the EthicsPoint portal.

Yes. You will speak with a live representative, available 24 hours a day.

You can report any concern of violation of Cenovus’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, policies or practices, any suspected violation of the law, or any other concern or question around ethical behaviour.

Reports are entered into the EthicsPoint system either by you (if you complete the online form) or by an EthicsPoint interviewer (if you call the phone number). Once a report is filed, it’s sent to the appointed Cenovus representative(s) for further review in accordance with the Integrity Helpline evaluation protocol and Cenovus Investigations Standard (if applicable).

EthicsPoint is a secure system. Information collected from you online or over the phone by an EthicsPoint representative is stored on servers in the United States and is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is retained. If you have questions or concerns about EthicsPoint’s policies and practices for handling personal information collected by EthicsPoint, contact ethicspoint@navexglobal.com.

Yes, if that is the individual’s intent. These reports have the same security and confidentiality measures applied to them as reports filed through the online form.

If you call the helpline, you’ll speak with a live interviewer who will ask you to provide the same information that you would have provided on the online form. You may remain anonymous during the reporting process, unless you choose to identify yourself or request to be contacted for follow-up. Information passed on to a Cenovus representative is treated as confidential and in such a manner so as not to identify the source of the information where possible.

There’s a section in the online form where you can identify yourself if you wish. In the Details field you can also request a call back. If you’re filing a report over the phone, you can make a request with the operator for a call back from a Cenovus representative, at which point you’ll be asked to identify yourself.

When you file a report (either online or over the phone), you will receive a unique username and will be asked to create a password. The username and password combination enables you to return to the EthicsPoint system, either online or over the phone, to access your original report and add more detail or answer questions posed by a Cenovus representative. You are encouraged to return to EthicsPoint within a specified timeframe to ensure that the report information is complete and that Cenovus’s questions are answered.

All EthicsPoint follow up correspondence is held in the same strict confidence as the initial report, continuing under the umbrella of anonymity. Information passed on to a Cenovus representative is treated as confidential and in such a manner so as not to identify the source of the information where possible.

If you’re submitting your report over the phone, simply let the interviewer know that you are not aware of the location or that you are not sure of the issue type. If you’re filing a report using the online form on the EthicsPoint website, there will be an option for identification of unknown information (select Other).