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It’s important that we build relationships with all community members near our operating areas. We’re proud of what we do and how we do it, and believe it’s important to be a part of the community on an ongoing basis, not just during consultation of projects. We believe this is the key to building mutually beneficial relationships founded on trust and respect.

Taking action in our communities

Many of Cenovus’s oil sands leases overlap with traplines held by community members who are licensed by the province to use trapline areas to trap for furs. Although regulation only requires companies to notify trappers, we believe in working closely with trappers to ensure they understand our plans and, when possible, mitigating any issues individual trappers may have.

As an integral part of maintaining a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, Cenovus and Cold Lake First Nation (CLFN) established the Joint Management Action Committee. Senior leaders from Cenovus meet with CLFN’s Chief and Council on a quarterly basis to steward the long-term agreement we entered together, and identify areas to increase the economic involvement. The intent of these meetings is to develop an open, two-way dialogue focused on strengthening the long-term relationship between Cenovus and CLFN.