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Hiring local businesses and sourcing local contract services, including Indigenous businesses, is an important part of how we do business. We believe support of Indigenous business is a key part of meeting our labour and service needs and strengthening local economies in our operating areas.

Since 2010, we’ve spent more than $2.9 billion doing business with local Indigenous companies in our operating areas.

Taking action in our communities

Pimee Well Servicing is an oilfied service company in northeastern Alberta. It’s owned and operated by a partnership of six First Nation bands, including Saddle Lake, Kehwewin, Frog Lake, Beaver Lake, Heart Lake and Whitefish Lake. The training and employment for community members provided by Pimee has been a positive experience for the communities by showing the benefits of education, training and having industry as a neighbour.

Primco Dene is a wholly owned company of Cold Lake First Nations. It provides services to our Foster Creek and Christina Lake projects with a focus on camp management, catering and emergency management services. Primco Dene has been a contractor with Cenovus since our early developments at Foster Creek and has provided an industry-leading service to our many employees who work at both Foster Creek and Christina Lake. Primco Dene is focused on local Indigenous employment and draws on the resources of many different communities in northeastern Alberta to meet the human resource demands of their rapid expansion. They have a distinct focus of sharing their success through community investment.