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How to submit a request

If you haven’t done so already, please review the eligibility criteria to ensure your request for funding will meet our minimum requirements. Once you’re sure you meet the criteria, please login and fill out the application. By submitting an application for funding you will be accepting the terms and conditions described in the application. If you need more time to finalize your application, it will be saved for up to 120 days.

Once a completed application is received it can take up to three months to complete our review process. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, you will only be contacted should we require more information about your proposal. We appreciate your patience while we carefully review your request.

Read our website for more information on our Community Investment program.

Technical considerations

Use of cookies - When you create an account in order to submit an application, a small amount of data ("a cookie") will be written to your browser software. Cookies are commonly used on commercial websites, and most web browsers normally accept them. Cookies must be enabled on your system to successfully submit your application.

Email filtering - If your email system uses strict filtering or screening protocols, you may encounter difficulties receiving automated responses from our grant processing system. To receive our email, you may need to add onlinegrants@cenovus.com to your email contact list.