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We care about protecting and preserving the environment while delivering energy in a responsible way. Our goal is to continuously improve our environmental performance in order to live up to the responsibility that goes with being a developer of some of Canada’s most valuable resources.

Our work has environmental challenges and we’re proactively tackling them head-on: reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity of our operations, decreasing the amount of land and water we need to produce oil and gas, striving to minimize impacts on wildlife in our operating areas and working to help ensure our operations don’t affect nearby lakes and streams. We’ve already achieved significant reductions in our environmental footprint and we’re always looking to get even better.

Our employees, many of whom live near our operations, are personally committed to making sure we continue to find new ways to get oil and natural gas out of the ground safely and responsibly. We also collaborate with our peers, academics, governments, entrepreneurs and other industries to help us find potentially game-changing technologies to address and eliminate our environmental challenges.

Our environmental commitments

We developed five environmental commitments to guide our actions. They reflect our thinking and guide how we work.

Environmental Commitments
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