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At Cenovus, we believe strong environmental management and strong business performance go hand in hand. From the initial planning and design phase, to how we operate, to the decommissioning and reclamation of our project areas and facilities, we integrate environmental considerations into everything we do.

We recognize there are environmental challenges associated with our operations, including our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their contribution to climate change, and we’re tackling them head-on. We’re reducing the GHG emissions intensity of our operations, decreasing our impacts on land & wildlife and working to ensure our operations don’t affect nearby lakes and streams. We’ve already achieved significant reductions in our environmental footprint and we’re continuously working to get even better.

To address our environmental challenges and opportunities, Cenovus has teams of subject matter experts for air and GHG emissions, water, waste and spills, land and wildlife, reclamation and remediation, compliance, environmental planning and assurance. We also work collaboratively with our peers, academics, governments, entrepreneurs and other industries to help us find potentially game-changing technologies to address and eliminate our environmental challenges.

Our environmental commitments

We’ve developed five environmental commitments that reflect our thinking and guide how we work.

Environmental Commitments
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Find out more about our approach to the environment in our Environmental, Social and Governance report.