Investing in education helps ensure a vibrant, dynamic future for our communities. We invest in learning by supporting high-impact programs that enhance literacy, support healthy lifestyles and build skills that create better futures.

Engaged in our communities


Cenovus has supported C-School through the Northern Lights School Division since 2009. C-School is an enhanced experiential education program that provides students in Grade 3-6 with hands-on learning opportunities to explore curricular concepts in a safe and caring learning environment. Students use the amenities and resources available at the Centennial Centre to learn about literacy, numeracy, science, health and wellness, citizenship, and skills that will prepare them for the world of work.

Calgary Reads – Book Bank Initiative

Cenovus is a partner of Calgary Reads whose mandate is to collaborate with schools, families, professionals and community partners to support, facilitate and advocate for early literacy. We support the Calgary Reads Book Bank a partnership between Calgary Reads and the Calgary Food Bank that provides children ages 0-8 with books in a food bank hamper to increase the number of books in a home that might not otherwise have access to many.