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Community investment

Community investment & involvement

The Cenovus Alternative Fugitive Emissions Management Program takes flight

As an energy company, we exist to help provide the energy that the world needs. Globally, that means improving people’s quality of life but at home, we take things a bit further. Through our involvement and investments, Cenovus strives to ensure that the communities where we live and work are stronger and better off because of us being there.

Target: Positively impact one million youth by 2025

Financial support and beyond

Cenovus partners with non-profits to address their unique needs, knowing that means more than just giving a cheque. In addition to financial resources, we also make the best use of our assets, expertise and relationships – all while providing opportunities for our employees to lend their support. We connect like-minded organizations, enable and facilitate networks and make important ties with what’s going on in our communities. This dedication includes our local Indigenous communities, who are among our closest and most important neighbours.

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Overall, we prioritize and tailor our support around two core areas: