An environment advisor at our Weyburn project

Corporate responsibility at Cenovus

How we do our work at Cenovus is as important as what we do. Corporate responsibility is about more than just reporting on our performance – it’s about developing Canada’s oil resources in the best and most responsible way we can. It’s an obligation we take very seriously.

We focus our efforts on:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations by managing environmental risks
  • Engaging with people who may be affected by our operations in a transparent, timely and respectful way
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships in the communities where we work and live

We’ve created policies and programs that help us achieve these commitments. And we follow through on them. Read our Corporate Responsibility Policy to learn how we hold ourselves accountable and review our corporate responsibility report to see how we’ve followed through in our everyday actions.

Protecting the environment

Like any industry, we have environmental challenges and we’re tackling them head-on. We work to develop our oil sands resources responsibly.

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Working with communities

We work to build strong relationships with local and Aboriginal communities that are located near our operations.

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Keeping people safe

We’re a safety-focused company. We provide our staff and contractors with the tools to ensure they can work safely.

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Investing in communities

We strive to ensure the communities where we live and work are stronger and better off as a result of us being there. We contribute to communities and local programs located near our operations.

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