We foster a healthy organization through our occupational health and wellness programs by providing tools and resources that promote the health of our employees and focus on preventing illness and injury and being productive in all areas of life. We also support the care and rehabilitation of employees returning from an injury or illness so they remain engaged and are able to return to work safely. Support available at Cenovus includes:

  • An Employee and Family Assistance Program that provides employees and their families with confidential counselling on issues that affect well-being, health and work performance
  • Health assessments to identify health risks and mitigate them. Employees can also access optional wellness screening resources
  • A wellness centre for fitness classes, wellness assessments, health education and programs
  • A benefits package including short-term and long-term disability

Providing resources for mental health

In 2016, we offered increased mental health resources for staff in coordination with Mental Health Awareness week. At Cenovus, we believe that being mentally healthy – just like being physically healthy – helps ensure we perform our work safely. To help support staff, we offered workshops on building resilience and managing stress, confidential on-site counselling services and family workshops. In addition to these programs, we also have a number of ongoing mental health resources that staff can access including e-learning modules, articles and tip sheets and 24-hour counselling services through our Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Promoting cardiovascular health

In February 2017, in coordination with Heart Month in Canada, we launched the Know your numbers campaign to provide staff with opportunities to learn about and assess their cardiovascular health. There were a number of health tools and resources available including:

  • Lunch and learns and webinars on topics including heart health, happiness, diet, exercise, managing your time and stress
  • On-site heart health screenings at our field locations conducted by our medical health professionals. They assessed workers’ blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body mass index, glucose levels and heart rate. Online assessments were also available for staff in other locations
  • Nutrition kiosks for staff to speak with a registered dietician and members of our Occupational Health & Wellness team
  • Presentations and handouts for teams to talk about key heart health topics
  • One week of free fitness classes for staff in our Calgary office and additional recreation activities in the field
Nurse giving health counseling

A staff member at our Christina Lake field location receives heart health information.

Preventing communicable diseases

In keeping with Cenovus’s commitment to a healthy and safe workplace, we run an annual, company-wide program to educate staff and prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Registered Nurses administer flu vaccinations on-site in our Calgary offices and select field locations. The program also includes communicable disease education and awareness resources for our staff. Our Occupational Health and Wellness team also closely monitors health-related trends impacting our workforce and takes steps to protect the wellbeing of our staff.