Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics applies to all officers, employees and Board members of Cenovus and reflects the company’s commitment to conducting our business ethically, legally and safely. In addition, we expect all contractors, service providers and suppliers to be familiar with and uphold the corporate values and practices we follow as employees. A number of topics are addressed in our code including fraud, conflict of interest, safety, environment and corporate responsibility, whistleblower protection, use of the company’s assets, and harassment in the workplace. We update the code regularly to reflect societal changes as well as best practices in our business. The most recent update was made on March 1, 2017.

Each year, employees are required to review and commit to key policies and practices which align with Cenovus’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. This policy commitment training and awareness process helps reinforce values and principles to mitigate reputational, operational and legal risk.

The 2016 online commitment process focused on the following key topics:

  • Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, and related practices:
    • Non-Harassment Practice
    • Conflict of Interest Practice
    • Acceptance of Gifts Guideline
  • Alcohol & Drug Policy
  • Key information protection policies and practices:
    • Records and Information Management Policy
    • Policy on Disclosure, Confidentiality and Employee Trading
    • Intellectual Property Practice
  • COMS

In 2016, we achieved a 100 percent completion rate for our policy commitment process.

In addition to the commitment process, communication and training material was posted on Cenovus’s intranet on the topics of alcohol and drug use, cyber security and acceptance of gifts.

Educating leaders on our Conflict of Interest Practice

In 2016, we created a leader toolkit to educate supervisors on our updated Conflict of Interest Practice. Knowing that employees often reach out to their supervisors first when they encounter a conflict of interest, the purpose of the leader toolkit is to equip supervisors with the information they need to act in accordance with our Conflict of Interest Practice, and to help ensure that their teams are doing the same. The leader toolkit includes a slide deck with information on what constitutes a conflict of interest, company expectations of leaders, how to meet those expectations and a collection of related resources, including examples of conflicts of interest, mitigation guidance and frequently asked questions.

Cenovus’s expanding business activities expose us to aspects of international trade laws that govern areas such as imports, exports, anti-corruption, economic sanctions and boycotts. These laws are extensive, complex and vary by jurisdiction. Cenovus’s enterprise-wide Trade Law Compliance Program will educate our staff and build on current trade law processes. A trade law compliance program promotes awareness of the importance of ethics, due diligence and compliance when conducting business across market areas and jurisdictions.