Cenovus works only with suppliers that share our commitment to safety, quality and ethical conduct. We aim to continuously improve the ways in which we procure goods and services. In 2015 and early 2016, one of the things we’ve been focusing on is developing a supplier registration, qualification and requalification process. This process will help:

  • Identify suppliers that share and align with Cenovus’s values and safety standards
  • Build a database of potential suppliers to help us understand supplier capabilities and identify potential gaps in requirements and qualifications before initiating a contract
  • Assist in supporting local and Aboriginal businesses, creating local economic value and building relationships through strategic planning
  • Reduce our risk by ensuring that the most qualified suppliers are awarded the work
  • Ensure that our current suppliers continue to meet our standards and demonstrate strong performance before we renew agreements with them or initiate new ones

In the past two years, our Supply Chain Management team has worked closely with key suppliers to identify gaps and advance their overall performance. As part of the supplier registration, qualification and requalification process, the Supply Chain Management team has engaged various groups across the company, including Health & Safety, Finance, Credit, Environment, Corporate Responsibility, Local Community Relations, Quality Assurance and Legal to establish the qualification requirements.