We value external assurance of corporate responsibility performance indicators because it helps us to create a credible and trusted report so stakeholders have confidence in the reliability of what we report. As we evolve our corporate responsibility report and assurance program, we continue to look for ways to enhance the credibility of our reporting systems and the accuracy of our data. We’ve obtained third-party assurance for each of our corporate responsibility reports since our company was created in 2009.

For the year ended December 31, 2015, Ernst & Young (EY) provided us with limited assurance on 15 corporate responsibility indicators. Additionally, EY provided reasonable assurance on our three greenhouse gas (GHG) indicators. This included a rigorous review of the related data in our reporting systems and processes for compiling these indicators to conclude that our GHG indicators are, in all material respects, accurate and prepared in accordance with the relevant criteria. With the growing importance of carbon accounting and reporting in our industry, we’re even more committed to measuring and reporting accurate and complete information.

Additionally, through our membership with London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Canada, we undergo a yearly review of our community investment portfolio to a reasonable level of assurance. The audit helps us understand the total value of our cash and in-kind donations and employee volunteer hours and donations to the community as well as our program management costs.