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Enhancing SAGD

Steam-assisted gravity drainage or SAGD is a proven technology for extracting oil from the oil sands. However, it is not a single solution – it’s a complex collection of technologies that will keep improving the way we remove oil from the oil sands.

One of our ongoing objectives is to implement technologies that help our SAGD process increase oil production while using the smallest amount of water, natural gas, electricity and land possible.

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Technologies that enhance SAGD

We use several SAGD enhancement technologies to improve performance at our oil sands operations. These technologies help improve efficiency by reducing our water use, which reduces emissions. Using less water then reduces the amount of steam it takes to produce one barrel of oil, or our steam to oil ratio (SOR), and makes our overall SAGD processes less energy intensive.

Learn more about each technology we’ve implemented at our oil sands operations to improve the efficiency of SAGD.