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We're taking a big step towards eliminating single-use plastics at our camps

Reusable containers
Reuseable plastic containers and thermoses used at our Christina Lake and Foster Creek camps.

February, 2020 - Cenovus is significantly reducing the amount of single-use plastic water bottles and food containers used at our Christina Lake and Foster Creek oil sands camps. Our goal is to eliminate single-use plastics at all our sites.

Staff at camps have been given reusable water bottles, thermoses, cutlery and food containers to replace the disposable versions. We have also introduced water refill stations and designated areas around the camps to drop off used food containers for wash and reuse. This change is expected to divert more than 1.3 million plastic water bottles per year from landfills.

Plastic waste is a serious environmental issue globally, and we are doing our part to help address it at our camps.

This change is just one example of how we’re reducing our impact on the land, wildlife and water. Click here to learn more about our environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.