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Homemade hand sanitizer & other ways our field staff are staying safe during COVID-19

Social distancing
Stand here labels two meters apart in our food service lines to promote social distancing.

April 2020 – If there’s one thing that’s hard to come by these days, it’s hand sanitizer – especially by the boxful. So when our Foster Creek oil sands operations started running out of hand sanitizer a couple of weeks ago, our field staff came up with a great idea. With a recipe from the World Health Organization, they decided to make a batch of their own. Using approved ingredients, like isopropanol, they brewed up about 70 liters for starters and staff have been using it to keep their hands germ free.

Maisa Khazaal
A Lab Technologist at Foster Creek makes hand sanitizer.

“Making home made sanitizer at our facility is a great example of how our staff are pulling together to protect each other from COVID-19,” explains Tanis Chaba, Lab Coordinator at Foster Creek. “With ongoing challenges in getting large orders of commercial sanitizer to site, we’ve ordered additional supplies to make more of our own.”

“I’m really proud of how all of our teams have responded to COVID-19 by adapting to difficult new work routines that include social distancing, strict hygiene and sanitization measures and preventive screening procedures,” says Chantelle Alberts, Director of Workplace & Real Estate Development. “A huge thank you to all of our teams who have been involved with keeping us safe and especially to our frontline workers who have kept our business running smoothly in this challenging time.”

Here are some other ways we’re keeping staff at our field operations safe. We’ve:

  • Reduced seating capacity in our dining halls
  • Created sanitization flip cards to identify dining tables that have just been cleaned
  • Introduced two-metre spacing in our food service lines
  • Closed our camp gym facilities to help maintain social distancing
  • Propped open doors that are normally shut to reduce touch points
  • Significantly increased cleaning practices across our facilities
  • Worked with our transportation partners to enhance cleaning as well as maintain social distancing on the buses and planes our staff use to get to site