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Helping improve education and literacy – we’re making an impact

Our commitment to literacy in action – a Cenovus employee reads with a student at a literacy event.

November 2016 – Supporting literacy programs in local school districts and communities where we have operations is a priority. Low literacy skills are directly linked to poverty, poor health, and high unemployment. We recently donated $250,000 as part of our partnership with the Northland School Division No. 61 (NSD61) to support literacy efforts near our operating areas. This unique school division provides education services to primarily First Nation and Metis students in northern Alberta. The NSD61 partnership is one of four that we support in community school districts in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Over a two-year period, our donation will support three key programs in the NSD61 district:

  • The Literacy Initiative
  • Career and Technology Studies
  • The Attendance Improvement Initiative: Every Day Counts

“Since we began our partnership three years ago with NSD61 we’ve seen the positive impact these programs have on youth and the community as a whole,” says Leanne Courchesne, Group Lead, Community Investment. “The number of students reading at their grade level has increased by 19 percent across the division and division-wide attendance has increased by three percent. I believe our ongoing support will help improve student engagement and graduation rates across NSD61.”

Our partnership with NSD61

Since 2013, Cenovus has donated $1.15 million to support literacy, career and technology studies and student attendance programs at Northland School Division No. 61. Our partnership with NSD61 aligns with our three community investment focus areas: learning, safety and well-being, and sustainable communities. We believe making a commitment to supporting education and investing in programs that build skills helps creates bright futures for individual students as well as strengthen communities over the long term.

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