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Field employee organizes food drop to help people in her community

Food Drop to help people in the community
A car-load of groceries going to community members in need

April 2020 – While doing her weekly shopping for her family, Colleen Plooy, Senior Maintenance Planner at Cenovus Operations, noticed the shelves at her local store in Fort McMurray were getting pretty empty.

“After I dropped off groceries to my family, I thought about all the people who are waiting for money and are low on food,” explained Colleen. “That’s when I decided to put a food drop out to the community.”

A food drop is an online way to connect specific surplus food and supplies to people who need them. In this case, people can request the items they need and those who have extra can either drop them off at the food drop location or coordinate directly with the person requesting.

Colleen posted the food drop notice on her community Facebook page, and through word of mouth and weekly Facebook updates, word has travelled outside her immediate neighbourhood in Fort McMurray.

Colleen has received several donations for the food drop and has been able to deliver goods to people throughout the broader community who have requested specific items.

“My hope is that more people will join the food drop and we’ll be able to collect food, baby items, diapers, and other supplies,” says Colleen. “I’m just trying to connect people with the items they need.”