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Emergency exercise tests Cenovus's readiness

Emergency Services teams practise using respiratory protective equipment during scenario.

January 2018 - A cyber attack, natural gas leak and site evacuation – all happening at once – were just some of the challenges faced by our emergency response personnel in the field and Calgary during a recent two-day emergency exercise at Christina Lake.

Teams across the company participated in the full-scale exercise designed to test our entire emergency management system.

“This was a great opportunity to practise managing a variety of real-world risks that industrial operations like ours could potentially face and test improvements we made to our Incident Command System last year,” says Bryan Tiessen, who leads the Emergency Management group. “As part of our work to keep staff, the environment and our operations safe, we are continuously testing our plans to ensure we have proper protocols in place.”

This exercise allowed us to audit our Emergency Management system, and test our cyber security, site security and evacuation procedures. The scenario included a leak of natural gas containing high levels of hydrogen sulphide that resulted in an injured worker and site evacuation of non-essential staff. As the exercise progressed, our responders discovered that a cyber attack on our Christina Lake control room caused the leak

“This exercise tested our emergency management processes and our ability to respond from all levels of the company and we passed admirably,” says Bryan.

The Alberta Energy Regulator requires companies to conduct a full-scale emergency exercise every three years for operations like Christina Lake. Our annual Emergency Management training program culminated in this exercise; testing our ability to work together and helping to continually improve our emergency management processes.

By the numbers

  • 48 training courses
  • 40 tabletop exercises
  • 1 full-scale, company-wide exercise involving multiple scenarios

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