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Morgan Craig-Broadwidth puts the “Us” in Cenovus

Morgan Craig-Broadwith, Specialist, Strategic Programs
Morgan Craig-Broadwith, Specialist, Human Resources Business Partner

November, 2020 – As a new Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP), and previously responsible for Strategic Programs on the People Experience team, Morgan Craig-Broadwith has led a wide variety of projects during her time at Cenovus Energy.

“My portfolio at Cenovus has been diverse (pun intended) – leading the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program, supporting the COVID-19 return to work effort and working on special projects like our staff Development Summit,” says Morgan Craig-Broadwith. “Moving into this new role as HRBP, I have the opportunity to  support our people in a completely different way, something I’m very excited to do.”  

Even early in her career, Morgan always wanted to help cultivate a feeling of belonging at organizations. Morgan has been able to consistently use her background and knowledge in psychological health and exercise physiology as a way to encourage those she works with to do their best work and help create meaningful, inclusive experiences on the job. 

“Work doesn’t have to simply be viewed as something we ‘do’, it can be something deeply attuned to who we ‘are’,” explains Morgan. “The best part of my job is interfacing with our staff, to have sometimes difficult, yet meaningful conversations to help create a workplace where people want to be and to make it better for others.” 

After moving from Ontario to Calgary eight years ago and starting work in the oil and gas industry, Morgan encountered, and corrected, many myths and stereotypes about the industry and its workers – especially in discussions with friends and family outside the Province.

“When I first started in the industry there were stereotypes about individuals working in the field being tough, ol’ cowboys. But through experience, I learned that’s not the case – not even close,” says Morgan. “I’ve been all over the country working with field leaders to front-line operators and have seen the responsibility and care they put into their work. And from a D&I perspective I have had some of the best conversations and have seen some of the greatest momentum with our field staff.”

While Morgan’s days are busy as a mother of two with a full-time job, she still finds time to motivate people outside of work and regularly leads retreats for women focused on cultivating grit and grace.

“Over the last three years I have led five retreats for women across Canada. I love this work, and it enables me to leverage my experience and passion, while giving me the chance to connect with some absolutely awe-inspiring women across our country.”

This year has been challenging for all of us, but Morgan remains optimistic about her work, as she moves into her new role, and the future of the oil and gas industry in Canada.

“I’m proud that my work, in a small way, helps Cenovus staff do better and in turn supports our Canadian economy and fuels our world with responsibly produced energy,” says Morgan. “I know from my line of work that listening and acknowledging other perspectives are critical in conversations if we want to see change in attitudes and opinions. So, for people to better understand the oil and gas industry, I believe we need to continue these sometimes-difficult conversations, really listen and understand other perspectives, in order for us to move forward as a country, together.”