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Leora Hornstein puts the “Us” in Cenovus

Leora Hornstein, certified Occupational Health Nurse
Leora Hornstein, Specialist, Health & Wellness Programs

October 2020 – As a passionate health and wellness professional and a certified Occupational Health Nurse, Leora Hornstein is focused on cultivating individual and organizational health and wellbeing at Cenovus Energy.

“I think I have the best job in the world because I get to support people’s physical, psychological and emotional needs,” says Leora Hornstein, Specialist, Health & Wellness Programs. “And because Cenovus strongly supports these principles, I’m able to contribute my skills and experience in a way that positively impacts others.”

In her third year of a nursing degree, Leora learned about the specialization of Occupational Health Nursing, which completely changed the trajectory of her career.

“My passion and purpose was always around health promotion and protection, so it immediately made sense to focus on creating and growing healthy and safe workplaces,” says Leora. “Fast-forward to today and I’m just as passionate now as when I first started out.”

Leora Hornstein, certified Occupational Health Nurse

A typical day for Leora can involve a range of different activities from presenting on stress management, assessing workplace hazards, improving work environments and leading virtual wellbeing sessions. Of course, COVID-19 has changed her day-to-day priorities, but she’s seen a lot of positives coming out of the pandemic and how people have come together in the face of a crisis.

“The highlight in this situation is the opportunity to appreciate that we are stronger and better together,” reflects Leora. “Working with my industry peers and providing input on best practices and procedures has ensured that we’re putting our workers’ health and safety first.”

Outside of work, Leora serves as a role model to empower others to focus on physical and emotional self-care as a means of building resilience and mental fitness. She knows COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways but strives to focus on finding the silver linings through this pandemic and maintaining a positive outlook.

“This year has brought to the forefront the need for robust health and wellness programs as a critical part of regular company business,” says Leora. “I’ve learnt more about myself and the courage and resilience of the human spirit than I ever could have imagined.”