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Kristen Foxcroft puts the “Us” in Cenovus

Kristen Foxcroft, Senior Advisor Reclamation & Remediation
Kristen Foxcroft, Senior Advisor, Reclamation & Remediation

October 2020 – Kristen Foxcroft, Senior Advisor Reclamation & Remediation with Cenovus Energy, was always passionate about the environment and recognized from an early age it was where she wanted to dedicate her time, education and career.

“Even though I had no prior experience or exposure to the energy sector, my first job out of university with a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree was working as a reclamation and remediation consultant in the oil and gas industry,” says Kristen. “I fell in love. I enjoyed being outdoors and was immediately passionate about returning sites to their original condition.”

Fast forward to 2020, and Kristen has completed her Masters degree in Environmental Management and has been with Cenovus for nearly ten years. She is currently focused on supporting company commitments to reclamation and remediation as part of achieving our environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.

“My role is to ensure our footprint is returned to as near as possible to their original condition or pre-disturbance state once our activities have concluded,” explains Kristen. “This work directly helps Cenovus meet the land and wildlife ESG target we released in 2020 - to reclaim 1,500 decommissioned well sites over the next ten years.”

Kristen Foxcroft, Senior Advisor Reclamation & Remediation

Just as she enjoys being in nature as part of her career, Kristen often finds herself in the outdoors - hiking, biking, skiing and stand-up paddle boarding in her spare time. She is very aware of the impact oil and gas has, not only on her personally, but the role it plays in the Canadian economy, and with the everyday products we all use at work and in our free time.

“Oil and gas are the building blocks for so many products, including electronics, recreational equipment, clothing and even solar panels,” says Kristen. “It’s not only essential for our economy but for our everyday lives, even in places we may not be aware.”

While she knows a global energy shift is underway, Kristen believes the Canadian oil and gas industry will continue to play an important role in responsibly supplying the world with energy and play a big role in the energy transition.

“Canada has some of the most stringent regulations regarding land disturbance, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions and I am proud to be working in the industry to help meet and exceed those regulations,” says Kristen. “Ultimately, I get to work on projects which are meaningful to me and are impactful to society, but it’s the people I work with that are the most inspiring and dedicated to doing their best for Canada, and the world, every day.”