Invoicing for suppliers

Invoicing for oil sands supplier

Work areas
  • Foster Creek
  • Christina Lake
  • Narrows Lake
  • Telephone Lake
  • Bruderheim Energy Terminal Ltd.
  • Corporate shared service invoices such as IT, Legal, Marketing
Oil sands invoicing requirements
  • Bill To: Legal entity names document
  • Invoicing Contact: Full name of invoice reviewer or invoice approver
  • PO Number: 42XXXX or 23XXXX
  • Accounting Codes:
    • AFE: 17XXXXX
      • Major: 82XX
      • Minor: 3XXX
    • Cost Center: 6XXXXX
      • Major: 82XX
      • Minor: 3XXX
      • WO: 3XXXXXX
  • Refer to your field sticker/stamp for coding information
  • Oil Sands Supplier Invoice Requirements

Vendor Inquiries

  • OpenInvoice allows you to easily obtain up-to-date information on your invoice status and payment.

What do the Invoice Journal status’s mean?

  • Submitted: the invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable for data quality review. This can take approximately 10-15 days from submission date.
  • Disputed: the invoice information needs to be corrected and is returned it to you for resolution. Cancel or resubmit the invoice.
  • Approved: the invoice is now ready to be paid
  • Payment Posted: your approved invoice is being prepared for payment. “Funds are expected to be released within three business days from X (date, document number and batch number provided)”.

For questions on how to use OpenInvoice email


Oil sands operations and corporate services uses a third-party application called OpenInvoice to handle electronic invoices. You can track your invoice submission and see if it has been approved, disputed or paid.

Email and paper Invoicing

If you are submitting your invoice via email or mail, please ensure your submission has the following details:

Email Subject: Vendor number, Vendor Name and Invoice Number


Mail:   Attn: Accounts Payable
  500 Centre Street SE
  P.O. Box 766
  Calgary, AB T2P 0M5

Note: OpenInvoice vendors invoices will be rejected if emailed here.