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Invoicing for Deep Basin suppliers

  • Grand Prairie
    • Elmworth, Noel, Wapiti, Webley, Goodfare, Brassey, Kaybob-Edson, Peco, Wolf, Resthaven, Kakwa, Whitecourt, Niton Berland
  • Clearwater
    • Alderflats, Alderflats, Brazeau, Carnwood, Cheddarville, Ferrier, Garrington, Gilby, Gilby West, Hoadley, Homeglen rimbey, Lodgepole, Med River North, Med River South, Nordegg, Sand Creek, Sylvan Lake, Westerose West, Westrose North, Westrose South
  • Bill To: Cenovus Energy Inc.
  • Cenovus Reviewer ID & Approver ID: Provided by the Cenovus representative
  • Purchase Order Number: 45XXXXXXXX or 46XXXXXXXX (OLA)
  • Cost Object:
    • Network # : 10XXXXXX
      • Requires: Activity Code and GL Number
    • Or Cost Center: VCCXXXXXXX – (i.e.VCCW000123)
      • Requires: GL Number
    • Or Work Order: XXXXXXXX – 8-digit number (i.e. 22335379)
      • Requires: GL Number
  • Activity Code (Activity/Op) : XXXX (i.e. 0325 – D210)
  • GL Number (GL Account) : 7XXXXX (i.e. 713001)
  • Company Code: DH01 or BH01 or BF01 or NALN
  • Plant Code: CAXX – (i.e. CA30)
  • Deep Basin Invoice requirements

Vendor inquiries

Vendor Inquiries System allows you to easily obtain up-to-date information on your invoice and payment. To sign up you will need your SAP vendor number and an invoice or purchase order number that is currently in our system.

My invoice is not showing up in VIS?

  • Invoices take 24 hours to show up in VIS
  • Expand the filter called months from 1 to 6 months to see all your invoices
  • For e-mailed and paper invoices click the Invoices tab
  • For Actian invoices click the ePayables tab

What do the invoice status’s mean?

Click on the invoice hyperlink to display the invoice status. Click on the question mark button in the top right corner to submit a ticket for further assistance. It is important to include information about your invoice and click the add a line button on your ticket before clicking save ticket.

  • Review Open: the invoice has been received, open for review and approval
  • In Progress: the invoice has been viewed and worked on
  • Review Error: there are errors on the invoice, mostly fixed internally
  • Disapproved: the invoice has been rejected and can be resubmitted in Actian
  • Approved: the invoice payment has been approved and is waiting for due date or next check issue
  • Voided: the invoice has been canceled and needs to be resubmitted
  • Blocked: the invoice does not match the Purchase Order, blocked pending further investigation


Deep Basin operations uses a third-party application called Actian to handle electronic invoices. You can track your invoice submission and see if it has been approved, disputed or paid using the Vendor Inquiries System.

Email and paper invoicing

If you are submitting your invoice via email or mail, please ensure your submission has the following details:

Email Subject: Vendor number, Vendor Name and Invoice Number

Email:   ipay@cenovus.com

Mail:   Attn: Accounts Payable
  500 Centre Street SE
  P.O. Box 766
  Calgary, AB T2P 0M5

Note: Actian vendors invoices will be rejected if emailed. The email address is not monitored, do not submit statements or questions.