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Archived COVID-19 updates

New guidance on use of face masks

  • Face masks must now be worn when travelling on company-chartered aircraft or offsite motor coaches. Workers may use their own; masks will be provided to those who don’t have one.
  • For work at site, a Cenovus-issued or approved disposable face mask is needed when conducting a task where physical distancing cannot be maintained and also during healthcare or cleaning activities related to COVID-19. Contractors and service providers are expected to bring their own masks in accordance with our face mask protocol. Where this isn’t possible, please contact your Cenovus representative.

New temperature screening begins Monday for workers travelling to most of our operations

As an additional preventative measure to protect the health and safety of our workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re implementing a temperature check as part of our active screening process prior to staff travelling to our operations.

Workers must have a temperature below 37.8 degrees Celsius to be permitted onto our worksites. Temperature checks will be conducted by qualified third-party medical service providers using clinical-grade, non-contact infrared thermometers at the following screening checkpoints:

  • Air hubs in Calgary and Edmonton
  • Bus hubs and Foster Creek and Christina Lake gates
  • Bruderheim main gate

Workers are advised to arrive at these site access points early as the new temperature screening process may result in delays.

Deep Basin staff will perform self-administered temperature checks prior to staying at our three camps in the area. All other Deep Basin staff are exempt from the temperature screening process due to the remote and independent nature of their work. Service providers and suppliers are expected to conduct Alberta Health Services’ self-assessment prior to accessing any Cenovus Deep Basin location.

Key temperature check protocols include:

  • Screening personnel will administer a two-part active screening process: a questionnaire staff must pass, followed by a temperature check
  • If the staff member’s temperature is at 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher, it’s considered elevated and the test will be repeated five minutes later. If it’s still elevated, they will not be permitted on the flight, bus or site and must follow the steps outlined in the information sheet that will be given to them.
  • The screener will provide a list of staff who are denied entry to our Health & Wellness team for follow-up (on a confidential basis)

Staff are reminded that that they should contact Health & Wellness or the on-site health clinics to report any symptoms immediately – even if they are on days off.

Staff (i.e. employees, contractors, service providers) at all Cenovus sites who are required to self-isolate, as per our isolation requirements, must contact our Health & Wellness team or our Health Centre staff at Foster Creek and Christina Lake to make them aware they’re self-isolating. Our Health & Wellness team or our on-site Health Centre personnel will work with the staff member to facilitate a safe return to work. Staff who have self-isolated must receive their clearance prior to being admitted to site.

Like many of our industry peers, Cenovus has put precautionary measures in place to protect the health and safety of our workforce, including self-isolation requirements for employees, contractors, suppliers and service providers working at our operations or any of our workspaces.

Self-Isolation requirements

Staff must answer no to the following screening questions before travelling to or entering our operations:

Please see the April 28th, 2020 update for the current screening table

*For Self-isolation and isolation procedures at our field operations follow our existing management of illness processes, which are coordinated in consultation with our Health & Safety and Health & Wellness teams. All on-site self-isolations are in accordance with our health and safety procedures and strictly precautionary to help protect the health and safety of our staff and operations.

Self-Isolation criteria

Cenovus determines our precautionary self-isolation and isolation requirement criteria based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Guidance from provincial, federal and international governments and health authorities (e.g. Alberta Health Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Monitoring communications and updates from credible research-based organizations (i.e. post-secondary research, pandemic preparedness organizations)
  • Advice from our internal and third-party medical practitioners, experts and consultants
  • Communications and alignment with our industry peers on requirements and procedures

These factors are used by our internal working committees to assess risk, identify reasonable precautions and determine locations. The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a changing situation, which is why our requirements may need to be adjusted based on the information we know at the time.

For that reason, you should review these requirements often.

Your responsibilities

If any of our self-isolation requirements apply to you, you should:

  1. Contact your Cenovus supervisor and Cenovus’s Health & Wellness team to inform them you are self-isolating
  2. If you’re experiencing illness symptoms (i.e. fever, chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or runny nose):
    • Please use the Alberta Health Services (AHS) screening tool and follow the advice provided by the screening tool
    • Staff who have self-isolated must receive return to work clearance from our Health & Wellness team or our on-site Health Centre at FCCL prior to being admitted on site
  3. If well and only self-isolating for travel reasons, you should:
    • Please use the Alberta Health Services (AHS) screening tool and follow the advice provided by the screening tool
    • Self-isolate, meaning staying home and working instead of coming to Cenovus’s field or Calgary locations and advise our Health & Wellness team that you’re doing so. For contractors, services providers and suppliers who are not able to work from home due to their role, you should engage with your employer regarding options available to you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting your results, you should refer to the Government of Canada’s direction on how to isolate at home and contact your supervisor and our Health & Wellness team.

Third-party employer responsibilities

Suppliers and service providers with workers who provide services and/or deliver goods to any Cenovus worksites or office locations are expected to:

  1. Follow their existing Fit for Work program and provide to Cenovus workers that are medically fit to work at all times.
  2. Communicate Fitness for Work requirements and processes, specific to COVID-19, to their staff and ensure they comply.
  3. Ensure their staff are adhering to self-isolation requirements and are aware that Cenovus has implemented site screening.
  4. Check this page regularly for updates

Employers should regularly review Cenovus’s requirements governing a return to work on a Cenovus worksite as the company’s requirements for this may evolve with the situation.

What Cenovus is doing

Cenovus is taking many precautionary and proactive steps to help protect the health and safety of workers at our operations including:

  • Increased sanitization and cleaning procedures at our on-site buildings and camps and on our air and bus transportation (with a focus on frequently-touched surfaces)
  • Screening individuals travelling to Foster Creek or Christina Lake to help prevent those who are ill or at risk of becoming ill from coming to site (any individual who meets our quarantine requirements will not be allowed to travel to, or enter site)
  • Training and support for our supervisors and employees to assist them in applying our COVID-19 health and safety procedures consistently
  • Reducing and eliminating non-essential travel to our worksites
  • Taking direction and actions recommended by Alberta Health Services and other health authorities
  • Working with industry peers to align on key activities to help keep our worksites safe
  • In addition to the Cenovus active screening process, people travelling to site on a Cenovus flight must complete a passenger screening form as per Transport Canada requirements
  • These forms will be provided at check in and must be completed before boarding
  • Passengers should submit completed forms to a designated Customer Service Agent at the YYC and YEG locations, or the flight or cabin crew member boarding them at all other aerodromes
  • The Government of Alberta has declared oil and natural gas operations an essential service, meaning we can continue to operate within designated requirements to protect our staff and the public.
  • This also means many of our suppliers and service providers can continue to sell goods and provide services to us.
  • For more information on essential services, please consult the government’s list of criteria.

Monitoring the free flow of goods and people across our borders:

  • We are monitoring the situation at the U.S.-Canadian border as well as the interprovincial flow of goods and people closely.

Canada/U.S. border and general movement of freight

  • Currently, there are no unusual delays at any of the U.S./Canada commercial border crossing points with respect to the movement of goods; however, normal 14-day self-isolation rules for all arrivals into Canada continue to apply. Exceptions to this include flight crews, truck drivers, rail roaders and mariners.
    • While there is no active screening of drivers, as per usual standards, border agents may decide on entry at their discretion.
    • If a driver is denied entry, carriers may arrange for another unit to pick up the trailer in question and continue transporting the shipment
  • Carriers moving freight on behalf of Cenovus or our vendors should provide updates twice daily regarding location and estimated delivery times.

Inter-provincial borders

  • There are no inter-provincial restrictions or delays with respect to the movement of people or goods at this time.
  • Workers residing outside of Alberta should closely monitor commercial flight schedules and contact their Cenovus supervisors in case of any questions or issues.

Communicating with our suppliers

Cenovus representatives are currently in the process of reaching out to many of our key suppliers with updates about their work with us amid the evolving COVID-19 situation. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our Supply Chain Management team.

With the evolving COVID-19 situation across Canada, we know our suppliers are wondering what this means for their work with Cenovus. We want to let suppliers know that we are currently assessing this. Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 situation, coupled with our previously announced reduction in capital spending, we are evaluating a number of scenarios. Once we have more information, we will be contacting suppliers directly with further updates. We understand the current situation impacts everyone, and we will do our best to communicate updates to our suppliers in as timely a manner as we can.