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Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion & diversity

We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we operate in. We want everyone to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work and feel respected and valued. We embrace diversity of thought, experience and background to make better business decisions. We believe that through inclusion and diversity, Cenovus has the ability to solve its challenges, seize its opportunities and unlock innovative solutions.

Our inclusion & diversity targets

Inclusion & Diversity
Inclusion & Diversity target
Inclusion & Diversity target

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is further reinforced with our target to increase the number of women in leadership to 30 percent by year‑end 2030 and with our commitment to conduct a self-identification survey by year-end 2022 with the goal of adding a diversity target beyond gender in 2023. Cenovus's Board diversity target is to have at least 40 percent representation among non-management directors from designated groups, including at least 30 percent women by year-end 2025.

Our targets reflect our commitment to a workplace that provides an environment of inclusion, embraces diversity of thought, experience and background, and represents the communities where we work and live. We are starting with women in leadership roles, defined as Team Lead/Coordinator/Supervisor positions or above, to represent 30 percent of our workforce by year‑end 2030. We plan to employ targeted education, recruitment and talent management approaches to achieve our target. We also intend to conduct a self‑identification survey by the end of 2022 to better understand our current workforce and identify areas for further diversity achievements, with the goal of a diversity target beyond gender in 2023.

Inclusion & Diversity target

Our Board revised its Board Diversity Policy to better reflect the company’s commitment to the principles of diversity. The revised policy includes a year-end 2025 aspirational target to have at least 40 percent of non-management directors represented by women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities with at least 30 percent of non-management directors being women.

Applying inclusion & diversity in our workplace

We provide a safe workplace, apply fair labour practices, treat our workforce with dignity, fairness and respect and support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is further outlined in our Human Rights Policy. Our Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Standard articulates our expectations of staff and highlights the values that foster an inclusive and diverse workplace.

To achieve an inclusive and diverse workplace, individuals are selected based on qualifications, merit and abilities. We encourage applications from everyone including visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, women and persons with disabilities.

Inclusion & diversity networks

We have built a charter and governance framework for staff who would like to start an employee resource network and have five main networks within Cenovus.

PRIDE@Cenovus is a grassroots, staff-led resource group that provides education on LGBTQ+ challenges and opportunities in the workplace while fostering a safe and positive environment for all staff regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. A safe environment enables authenticity at work and drives business performance.

PRIDE@Cenovus is committed to raising awareness, forming networks for our members, improving workplace culture, and giving back to the LGBTQ+ community.

With almost 900 members, Stronger Together with W@CVE is a grassroots, staff-led resource group that provides an engaging and empowering community to encourage all genders to develop themselves and make strategic connections. The group hosts events throughout the year, engages members through programs that build connections and capacity, shares best practices for advancing gender parity in our industry, and leads volunteer initiatives in our communities.

Fusion@Cenovus is an employee resource group with a mission to bridge the cultural gaps between our employees. It aims to foster an inclusive work environment that leverages the unique perspectives and skills of all employees and promote cultural awareness and understanding to break down cultural barriers.

enABLE@Cenovus focuses on promoting education, awareness, and understanding for employees who have or who are supporting individuals with physical or mental disabilities, in order to build a safe, collaborative environment where every employee's fully realized contributions drive Cenovus’s success.

The Indigenous Community Sharing Circle strives to create a supportive environment where First Nations, Inuit, Metis employees can gather, engage, and be empowered to achieve personal, career, and community goals. ICSC@Cenovus promotes cultural sharing and increases awareness and understanding of issues affecting Indigenous people and welcomes all employees.

Find out smore about our inclusion & diversity initiatives in our 2020 Environmental, Social & Governance Report.