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Cenovus Operations Management System (COMS)

Standardizing our approach to operations management

At Cenovus, we believe that to achieve industry-leading results, we need to execute on our strategy safely, consistently and reliably. Our Cenovus Operations Management System (COMS) provides a consistent framework for assessing, managing and optimizing business processes, operations risk, safety, environment and operating performance. It helps ensure we have processes and controls in place to operate and grow as an organization in a controlled and deliberate manner. COMS is an operations excellence management system – a type that’s used across many industries. COMS has been assessed against other management systems within our industry and, similar to ISO, COMS defines a minimum standard to which the organization must adhere.

As part of the continuous improvement cycle of our management system, we’ve aligned the elements of COMS into a logically sequenced framework that can guide work at any level of the organization. Each expectation within the seven-element framework describes key processes that Cenovus expects the operations teams to meet.


Leadership Leaders establish a clear vision, set goals, targets and plans, and ensure they are well communicated.
People The right people are in place to achieve those goals, they know what they are accountable for and take ownership.
Risk Management Operations risks and hazards are required to be managed in a consistent and systematic manner in order to mitigate risks to acceptable levels and improve performance.
Risk Mitigations Key operational risks will have controls and mitigations implemented.
Knowledge Sharing Consistent application of controls across Cenovus means that staff can be properly trained and cross-functional knowledge and understanding shared.
Management of Change Processes must be clearly defined and controlled before change can be effectively managed.
Continuous Improvement Measurable improvement can now be made on processes that are defined and controlled.

COMS assurance

To support the effectiveness of COMS to manage risk and continuously improve operational performance, we conduct assurance activities. The Internal Audit team is responsible for conducting engagements to verify requirements within the management system and providing independent and objective feedback.

Integrated Compliance Assurance Program

As part of the regulatory assurance function at Cenovus, we have an Integrated Compliance Assurance Program (ICAP) which supports COMS and helps us assure compliance with regulatory requirements. ICAP brings together several groups from across the company to deliver streamlined and coordinated compliance assurance assessments to Cenovus’s operations and development activities.

The ICAP program coordinates assurance activities across the following technical disciplines:

  • Facilities operations
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Environmental requirements
  • Health & safety requirements
  • Measurement requirements