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Our funding decisions are guided by a set of criteria and are aligned with our social investment and business priorities.  

We provide support to partners through donations and sponsorship opportunities that reflect the diversity of the communities where we live and work.

Prior to applying, please review the information below. Once a completed application is received it can take up to eight weeks to communicate a decision.

Types of support and what we fund


A donation is a cash or in-kind gift to a charitable or not for profit organization; we fund:

  • Organizations that are registered charities or not for profits in their jurisdictions.
  • Projects or programs that take place in communities where Cenovus has a business presence.
  • Organizations that provide direct community benefit.
  • Programs with measurable social outcomes.


A sponsorship is support for an event, activity or organization by providing money or other resources in exchange for access to recognition. Sponsorships are an integral part of Cenovus‘s marketing, promotional and business activities. Our sponsorships align to our focus areas and/or our business strategies and priorities.

Recipients and eligibility

To qualify for funding, an organization and project must align with the guidelines below.

Non-eligible organizations include:

  • Political organizations.
  • Third-party advertisers, including those under the Canada Elections Act and similar legislation in other jurisdictions where we operate.
  • Private foundations.
  • Corporate foundations.
  • Private, fee-based schools.
  • Religious institutions (unless the program provides community-wide services).
  • Sports teams (unless such team is a qualified donee).

Prohibited types of funding include support for:

  • Individuals or individual pursuits (unless a scholarship recipient).
  • Projects, programs or any property recognizing or named for an individual.
  • Endowments.
  • Memorial campaigns.
  • Statues and monuments.
  • Publication of books or films.
  • Advertising campaigns (i.e. mass mailings/solicitation).
  • GoFundMe or similar campaigns.

Tips for applying

  • Review our eligibility criteria.
  • Provide a clear description of what you are requesting funding for and details of your budget.
  • Demonstrate alignment to our focus areas and/or business priorities.
  • Provide details about your commitment to inclusion and diversity.
  • Be prepared to talk about recognition and how you can engage our employees.
  • Explain how you create impact and report on results.
  • Showcase how you collaborate with others to achieve greater impact.
  • If your donation request is more than $10,000, be prepared to include audited or reviewed financial statements.
  • Allow enough time for the review process, which can take up to eight weeks.

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