Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion & diversity

We know that a diverse company, where everyone feels able to bring their whole selves to work, is a stronger company. At Cenovus, we embrace diversity of thought, experience and background to make better business decisions and believe that through inclusion and diversity we have the ability to solve challenges, seize opportunities and unlock innovative solutions. That’s why we’ve established ambitious inclusion & diversity targets for our business.

Our inclusion & diversity targets and progress

Our inclusion &; diversity targets
women in leadership roles1
to 30%
by year-end 2030.


Base year 2019



  • Completed our first organizational health survey as a combined company in the fourth quarter of 2022, which helps us understand the female experience and identifies any gaps.
  • Continued to support our growing employee inclusion & diversity networks.
  • Launched a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) scholarship program, with a strong percentage (51%) of female recipients.
  • Shared updated inclusion & diversity strategy with the Human Resources and Compensation (HRCC) Committee of Cenovus’s Board of Directors. The strategy includes plans to enhance attraction and retention of females by reviewing HR programs, assessing recruitment technologies, providing tools and training to leaders and exploring new partnerships with female-focused organizations to ensure we have an unbiased, equitable and progressive workplace.
Board-level target
Our inclusion &; diversity targets
Aspire to have at least 40% representation from designated groups2 among non‑management directors, including at least 30% women, by year‑end 2025.




In the fourth quarter, announced the appointment of Melanie Little to the Board, effective Jan 1, 2023, which increased midstream expertise on our Board while also achieving our target.

Note: Based on data received from Cenovus’s inaugural self-identification survey, evaluation of industry practices and evolving stakeholder feedback, the company plans to enhance its focus on creating an inclusive and  respectful work environment for everyone rather than setting an additional I&D target as initially communicated.
1 Leadership roles include Team Lead/Coordinator/Supervisor positions or above.
2 Designated groups are defined as women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

Our people stories

Inclusion & diversity

Applying inclusion & diversity in our workplace

To achieve an inclusive and diverse workplace, individuals are selected based on qualifications, merit and abilities. We encourage applications from everyone.

We strive to provide a safe workplace, apply fair labour practices, treat our workforce with dignity, fairness and respect and support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is further outlined in our Human Rights Policy. Our Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Standard articulates our expectations of staff and highlights the values that foster an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Inclusion & diversity networks

We have built a charter and governance framework for staff who would like to start an employee resource network and have five main networks that help us live our values. These networks are voluntary, employee-led and executive-sponsored groups that increase awareness and influence practices and programs to enhance the experience of all staff – whether they identify with the specific demographic or are allies. 


enABLE@Cenovus focuses on promoting education, awareness and understanding for staff who have, or who are supporting individuals with physical or mental disabilities.


Fusion@Cenovus aims to bridge cultural gaps by leveraging the unique perspectives and skills of all staff and promoting cultural awareness and understanding to break down barriers.


Indigenous Community Sharing Circle (ICSC@Cenovus) welcomes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff and strives to create a supportive environment where staff can gather, engage and be empowered to achieve personal, career and community goals.


PRIDE@Cenovus provides education on LGBTQ+ challenges and opportunities in the workplace while promoting a safe and positive environment for all staff.

Stronger Together with Women@CVE

Stronger Together with Women@CVE encourages all genders to forge strategic connections and develop themselves.

Mental Health Matters@Cenovus

MentalHealthMatters@Cenovus aims to foster positive mental health for all staff. Through collaboration, education and communication, the network is helping us build a more open and supportive mental health culture, and take better care of ourselves and each other.