Prospective suppliers

We do business with a variety of suppliers and consider these relationships instrumental to our success.

Suppliers interested in working with us should complete the prospective supplier submission form below. Completing the form or any related questionnaires does not guarantee a response from Cenovus, or that Cenovus will provide work or enter into a commercial relationship with any company. Cenovus evaluates potential suppliers to ensure compliance related to capabilities, experience, quality and for future consideration by our internal teams.

By providing the requested information via our Legacy Husky form, suppliers consent to its collection, use and disclosure for assessment, reporting and analysis purposes. Cenovus is committed to ensuring fairness in our vendor selection process.

Supplier prequalification is only initiated when a business need arises and will be based on your company meeting our expectations for the goods and/or services to be supplied.

Prospective Supplier Submission Form

Prospective supplier FAQ

  • How do I become a Cenovus supplier?

    Potential suppliers are invited to complete the prospective supplier submission form. Once it has been submitted, we’ll evaluate your information and consider possible opportunities. No further engagement is required. Cenovus will only reach out if a defined need is identified.

  • How is my company’s information used?

    Information is collected by our Supply Chain Management team, classified according to what you selected as your service offerings, and made available to help identify potential suppliers for upcoming work.

  • I know someone who works at Cenovus. Can I just go through this person to try and obtain a contract or work as a potentional supplier?

    No. Working with our Supply Chain Management team gives you the opportunity to present your company’s capability to our internal teams.

  • I am already prequalified to work with Cenovus. Do I still need to complete the prospective supplier submission form?

    No. The form is only applicable to suppliers who do not already have an existing relationship with Cenovus.

  • I want to meet with someone at Cenovus to present my company’s capabilities. Who do I talk with?

    Our Supply Chain Management team manages all submissions made through the prospective supplier submission form. Once received, the Supply Chain Management team can determine any fit with our current business requirements. Should we need more information or choose to pursue a business relationship, a Supply Chain Management representative will contact you directly.

  • I just submitted my prospective supplier submission form. How long does the process take?

    Only suppliers of interest will be contacted.

  • Does Cenovus work with Indigenous suppliers?

    Yes. Hiring local businesses and sourcing local contract services, including Indigenous suppliers, is an important part of how we do business. For Cenovus, Indigenous reconciliation means enabling long term economic and social value for Indigenous communities and providing meaningful opportunities. That includes supporting Indigenous suppliers as a key part of meeting our supply chain needs and to strengthen local economies in our operating areas. You can identify your Indigenous status on the prospective supplier submission form.

    Visit our Indigenous reconciliation page for more information.