Our employees, directors and suppliers all play a role in ensuring that we carry out business ethically, legally and responsibly as part of our commitment to the policies and standards set by our Board of Directors and management. Cenovus works with contract staff, suppliers and service providers that share this commitment and we expect them to uphold our corporate values and practices and familiarize themselves annually with our business conduct policies.

What to know more about our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) requirements?

  • View our Cenovus HSE schedules for suppliers here.
  • View our HSE documents here.

To gain an understanding of Cenovus's standards and expectations, please review the following:

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Standard
Alcohol & Drug Standard
Alcohol & Drug Testing Procedure
Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
Conflicts of Interest Standard
Conflict of Interest - declaration form
Contractor & Supplier Alcohol and Drug Guidance
Data & Information Management Policy
Fit for Duty Policy
Gift & Entertainment Guideline
Human Rights Policy
Indigenous Relations Policy
Intellectual Property Standard
Investigations Standard
Privacy Policy
Safety Policy
Supplier Code of Business Conduct
Sustainability Policy
Trade Laws & Acting with Integrity
Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Standard

Additional policies, practices and guidelines that may impact your role at Cenovus:

COVID-19 information

Cenovus will post updates on ISNetworld when new information related to our response to COVID-19 is available that applies to contractors, service providers and vendors. Check ISN regularly or contact your Cenovus supervisor. If you don’t have an account, go to https://www.isnetworld.com/ to register with Cenovus. Learn about our COVID-19 health and safety protocols, standards and guidelines.