Cenovus is a leading ethanol producer in western Canada and has been for 40 years through our predecessor company, Husky Energy.

Make Cenovus your partner in agriculture

We purchase grain from local producers at competitive prices and use it to make ethanol at our state-of-the art manufacturing plants located in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and Minnedosa, Manitoba. We also market ethanol byproducts, including corn oil and dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS), which is a high-protein feed supplement for livestock.

Lloydminster Ethanol Plant
Lloydminster Ethanol Plant
Learn how to sell and deliver your products to us and purchase our DDGS.
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Minnedosa Ethanol Plant
Minnedosa Ethanol Plant
Learn how to sell and deliver your products to us, purchase our DDGS and corn oil.
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Fuel your livestock

Every year, we produce around 250,000 tonnes of our high-protein feed supplement for livestock, called dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS).

Biofuel best practices

We support the Biofuel Research Chair at the University of Manitoba, focused on developing high-yield, disease-resistant crops and making biofuel production more efficient.

Turn up the volume

Our two plants have a total production capacity of 284 million litres of ethanol a year, making us one of the largest producers in western Canada.

Fast, future-focused fuel

Ethanol blended with gasoline can reduce life cycle greenhouse gas emissions and boost engine performance.