We market a variety of valuable products that are purchased by consumers across North America.

Transportation fuels
We convert crude oil into transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel at our refineries and distribute these products to wholesale, commercial and retail customers across North America.
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We produce high-quality asphalt at our refineries in Canada and the U.S., including performance-grade, polymer-modified and recycled asphalts for building long-lasting roads.
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At our two plants in western Canada, we produce ethanol from wheat and/or corn, and make an ethanol byproduct called dried distillers grain with solubles for agriculture applications.
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Drilling and completion fluids
We are one of the largest producers of drilling and completion fluids in western Canada, which are used commercially in oil and natural gas well drilling and transportation applications.
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Natural gas
We market natural gas, a clean-burning fuel used for home heating, industrial heating and power, and manufacturing household products and building materials.
Petcoke is generated at our heavy oil refineries and is a stable solid fuel used primarily in power plants to generate electricity.
Our sulphur is made from sour natural gas and crude oil, containing hydrogen sulphide, which is then used for fertilizer production, mining applications and to produce various chemicals.