Cenovus supplier health, safety and environmental (HSE) documents table

This page is intended for Cenovus suppliers. If you currently have a contract with Cenovus, the relevant health, safety and environmental (HSE) documents that support the content of your contract are available in the table below. Legacy documents dating back to prior to the combination of Cenovus and Husky will be harmonized over time. If you are unsure about which documents apply to you, please contact your Cenovus representative.

Legal disclaimer:

The health and safety policies, standards, procedures and other materials provided on this site are to be used solely for conducting work for Cenovus, on or off Cenovus premises as applicable. By accessing these documents, you agree that you are a Cenovus employee, contractor or supplier utilizing the documents for the purpose of conducting work for Cenovus. Additionally, these documents are uncontrolled if printed or downloaded; current versions can be accessed by returning to this site and parties performing work for Cenovus should always ensure they are using the most current version of any policies, standards, procedures or other materials.

Program Legacy Cenovus Legacy Husky Harmonized
Alcohol and drugs

Fit for Duty Policy 
Alcohol & Drug Standard
Alcohol & Drug Testing Procedure
Contractor & Supplier Alcohol and Drug Guidance 
Safety Sensitive Position Standard
Search Procedure 
Workplace Violence and Harassment Standard

Confined space entry     Confined Space Entry Standard
Cranes, hoists and lifting devices Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices Standard
Lifting Hazard Assessment Form
Lift Calculation Form
Critical Lift Authorization Form
Hoisting of Personnel Authorization Form
Daily Crane Operation Worksheet Form
Overhead Crane Lift Calculation Form
Lift Planning Cranes and Rigging Standard
Electrical safety Electrical Safety Standard Electrical Safety Standard
Energy isolation (lock-out-tag-out)   Energy Isolation Standard
Excavation & ground disturbance   Ground Disturbance Standard
Ground Disturbance Damage Prevention Procedure
Ground Disturbance Excavation Procedure
Hot work 
  Hot Work Standard
Incident management (IM) Incident management process
Industrial hygiene     Industrial Hygiene Standard
New and/or young workers program New and/or Young Worker Standard
Personal protective equipment (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment Standard
Portable gas detection and atmospheric Portable Gas Detection Practice Portable Gas Detection
Power and hand tools Power and Hand Tools Guideline
Powered mobile equipment Powered Mobile Equipment Standard
Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Operations Standard
Powered Mobile Equipment
Radiation safety Radiation Safety Standard
Respiratory protection (RPE) program   Corporate Procedure Hair and Facial Hair
Safe control of work Safe Control of Work Standard
Safety orientation     Safety Orientations Standard
Scaffolding Scaffolding Practice Scaffold Erection, Use and Inspection
SIMOPS     Simultaneous Operations Standard
Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG)   Transportation of Dangerous Goods Standard
Vehicle operations & journey management Safe Driving Standard
Journey Management Guideline
Corporate Procedure Vehicle Safety
Corporate Journey Management Technical Standard 
Corporate Journey Management Plan 
Corporate Journey Risk Assessment Tool
Wildlife safety Wildlife Awareness and Reporting Guideline
Working alone or in isolation
  Working alone Standard
Working at heights     Working at heights Standard
Worksite entry Worksite Entry Standard

Cenovus health, safety and environmental requirements) for suppliers

The different health, safety and environmental requirements (HSE schedules) for Cenovus suppliers can be found here .