Supplier health & safety

At Cenovus, we use suppliers for specialized jobs across our operations. It is critical that they are as committed to safety as we are, and we have a number of programs to help support them.

Health & safety in supplier selection

We use a database called ISNetworld (ISN) to access information on suppliers to help us decide which ones we’ll work with. Potential suppliers subscribe to ISN and build a profile for their company. The profile has information about the supplier’s health and safety programs and safety performance, and based on that information, they may receive an “approved” status. In order to conduct work for Cenovus, suppliers must obtain an “approved” status or have a Cenovus approved mitigation plan in place to meet our safety requirements.

Monitoring supplier performance

We use a number of tools to monitor and evaluate contractors who work on our sites. We want to ensure that our suppliers continue to meet our safety program and performance standards and are doing all they can to prevent injuries. Some of these tools include supplier health and safety audits, spot checks and incident, near-miss and hazard reporting.

Orientation & training
Visit our portal for supplier training for job/role-based requirements, health & safety orientation tools and awareness level modules.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Review our detailed health & safety information for products that Cenovus produces.