Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors oversees the management of Cenovus’s business to ensure long-term success, with a view to maximize shareholder value and ensure corporate conduct in an ethical and legal manner via an appropriate system of corporate governance and internal control. To learn more, see the mandates and guidelines on the Key governance documents page.

Board selection & committees

  • Selection

    Cenovus recognizes and embraces the benefits of having a diverse Board that makes good use of various skills, expertise and industry experience and includes diversity on numerous fronts. The Board adopted a Board Diversity Policy on February 10, 2015. In accordance with the Governance Committee mandate and the Board Diversity Policy, the Governance Committee is responsible for identifying individuals qualified to become Board members and recommending to the Board proposed nominees for election or appointment.

    The Governance Committee reviews and assesses Board composition to ensure the Board has a sufficient range of skills, expertise and experience with due regard for the benefits of diversity to allow the Board to carry out its mandate effectively. The Governance Committee receives and evaluates suggestions for candidates.

    To learn more, see the mandates and guidelines on the Key governance documents page.

  • Committees

    Cenovus's Board of Directors has four standing committees to examine and make recommendations on a variety of issues specific to each committee. The Board of Directors has approved the mandate for each committee, outlining the responsibilities of the committee and decision-making authority. Mandates are regularly reviewed and updated by the Board.

    The Board appoints its members to each respective committee, including a committee Chair. Board members selected for a specific committee typically have significant expertise and experience relevant to that committee.