Up for any challenge: Cenovus student Yuekai Wang

Yuekai Wang

November 2020 - Already a graduate of the geophysics program, Yuekai Wang wanted to broaden his education with another degree in Software Engineering at the University of Calgary while gaining work experience as a Cenovus student.

“Earning a degree in Geophysics really allowed me to get exposure to the oil and gas industry and provided a great opportunity at Cenovus,” says Yuekai. “I was pretty excited about the student program and was impressed in how serious Cenovus was in building new talent.”

Yuekai currently works on the Reservoir Optimization team and has been working on a new flow control device trial that the team is trying to implement at our SAGD wells. If this pilot is proven successful, the technology can be scaled and implemented as an optimization tool across our SAGD assets and help us achieve our goal of reducing our GHG intensity by 30 percent by 2030.

“Six months into my work term, I have developed new technical skills and gained a great deal of knowledge on how to use new software and applications to collect data to monitor our wells,” says Yuekai. “I also learned how great the work environment is at Cenovus with friendly and approachable staff available to answer work questions or just check in and see how you are doing.”

Even though Yuekai was looking forward to working in the office environment and meeting the team in person, he was able to transition to virtual work easily. “Cenovus did an excellent job of the virtual onboarding and the virtual social events were a great way to help students and new graduates connect around the company.”

Yuekai still has plenty of time to continue learning on his 11-month work term and he is excited to continue working on projects that will contribute to success at Cenovus. “The student program is helping me grow as an engineer, developing my technical skills and giving me exposure to other disciplines,” says Yuekai. “I look forward to applying these skills and working with different individuals as my work term continues over the next coming months.”

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