Team of Tucker volunteers plant joy at local hospital

July 2021 - For more than 13 years, staff from our Tucker oil sands operations, near Bonnyville Alberta, have been volunteering at the local Health Centre’s Long-Term Care Facility. This tradition began when Centre staff mentioned they found it difficult to keep the outdoor community garden in shape - so our staff stepped up!

“Since day one we’ve never had a problem getting volunteers for this activity, it’s a great team building exercise,” shares Nikki Sinclair, Field Administrator, Tucker Facility. “Although the teams coming out to volunteer during COVID-19 have been smaller, we always get a lot accomplished. I look forward to future volunteer sessions and getting to experience this work alongside the residents and staff at the Centre.”

For our staff volunteers, typical jobs include power washing the gazebos and seats in the visiting area, weeding the flower beds, and planting new flowers for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In addition to their volunteering efforts, the Tucker team also provides the flowers for planting, an in-kind donation matched by a local greenhouse.

Hospital gardenFrom early 2020 and with ongoing COVID-19 safety measures, the garden's visiting area took on even more meaning. Most family visitation was done in the garden, due to physical distancing requirements and limited visitor access to the facility. Thanks to the team at Tucker, the garden allows friends and families access to their loved ones.

Wendy Campbell, a Recreation Therapist at the facility, says the volunteers’ hard work makes a difference.

“We really appreciate Cenovus coming to clean up and help with planting, it means so much to the residents and staff,” Wendy said. “The garden is so important this year. It’s the only area right now that families can visit, so the garden is getting more visitors and use than ever and has become such an important part of the lives of our residents and their families.”

With volunteer opportunities changing during COVID-19, our communities need us more than ever. Thank you to the Tucker team for continuing to find ways to stay involved and bringing joy to the community.

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