Stronger Together with W@CVE: Championing gender equity

Our largest and longest-running inclusion and diversity network, Stronger Together with Women@CVE (W@CVE) is built around empowering self-development and enabling strategic connections for staff.

Starting in 2010, W@CVE’s mission is to raise awareness for gender equity and promote representation. It has grown to over 1,000 members, of all genders from across the company.

“W@CVE hopes to help progress Cenovus Energy’s inclusion and diversity target for women in leadership roles at the company,” says Sakeena Akhtar, Chair of W@CVE and U.S. Value Chain Analyst. “Through strategic program development, hosting various events and helping staff with professional development opportunities, such as workshops, speaker events and discussion groups, we not only enable strategic connections for all staff, but support women in becoming leaders, if that is their ambition.”

Each year, the network hosts a unique event to celebrate and acknowledge International Women’s Day. Aligned to this year’s theme of #EmbraceEquity, W@CVE hosted panel discussions on family leave. Hosting both a Canadian and U.S. panel, the hybrid events brought together a panel of working parents from across the company to share their experiences on preparing for a leave, staying connected and the process of returning to work.

Other events hosted by the network include speaker sessions with Canadian Olympian Sami Jo Small and author Matt Abrahams, alongside engaging fireside chats with inspiring leaders at Cenovus.

The network also organizes opportunities for staff to connect with charities and the community by giving back and volunteering.

In addition to the events W@CVE hosts, the network also has strategic programs that help raise awareness for gender equity at Cenovus.

“In 2021 we launched our Men as Allies Program, which focuses on including men in bridging the gap to equity for all genders,” says Sakeena. “And our Circles of Influence Program facilitates professional development and networking to cultivate partnerships within Cenovus for knowledge sharing.” This year, W@CVE is specifically focused on supporting women at our field assets and working parents across the company, continuing to build out opportunities and resources for staff.


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