Stephanie Fleming: Embodying our values for over 25 years 

The “Us” in Cenovus 

May 2023 – The year was 1998. Google search had just been launched, Titanic was the top movie, Furbys were selling out and Stephanie Fleming had just started her student work term with Husky Energy (now Cenovus Energy).

An engineering student at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, her work term was with the completions team. Fast forward 25 years and she’s now Senior Manager, Developments Engineering based in our St. John’s office.

Stephanie FlemingDuring her tenure with the company, Stephanie has worked in a variety of departments including drilling and completions, subsurface, business development, joint interest, and now development engineering. 

“I work with my team and others across the business to identify opportunities in the Atlantic Region that deliver value to Cenovus,” says Stephanie. “We progress projects and ensure we are making sound investment decisions. The most motivating aspect of my job is that it gives me broad exposure to people from across our operations who I can learn from and collaborate with.”

Opportunities managed by Stephanie and her team include initiatives related to production growth, emissions reduction, equipment replacement, project assurance, and research and development. An important part of her team’s work is to understand the reason behind decisions and projects, and how they fit into Cenovus’s business strategy.

A major highlight for Stephanie this year was when the West White Rose project in the Atlantic received approval to proceed. Cenovus has been working offshore Newfoundland and Labrador for more than 35 years, operating in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, where we are the majority owner and operator of the White Rose field.

“The decision to move forward with the West White Rose Project has created a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm in the office and the feeling that we are working together towards a common goal to deliver long term value for the company.”

Stephanie embodies our Do it together value at work and at home, working with those in her community of Torbay as a Girl Guide leader to help empower young women. Through the organization, girls from the ages of five to 18 can participate in activities they may not otherwise have exposure to. 

“From hiking, to overnight camping, to international travel, Girl Guides help young girls build confidence, independence, responsibility, and life skills.” 

Girl Guides are also encouraged to get involved in their community and actively participate in volunteer initiatives such as activities at local food banks, seniors’ homes and youth groups.  

“Working with the Girl Guide Organization for the past 11 years has been a rewarding experience. Seeing the girls I volunteer with succeed and grow has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment while allowing me to develop friendships and strengthen my sense of community. I would encourage everyone to try volunteering through our Cenovus Cares Employee Giving and Volunteering Program.” 

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