Rebuild continues at the Superior Refinery

March 2021 - The new year brought new milestones for the rebuild of the Superior Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, which was acquired by Cenovus Energy as part of the recent integration with Husky.

In January and early February, four heavy lift projects placed new columns and towers on-site, including the Deisobutanizer column seen in this video. Reaching roughly 60 metres in its final position, this column is essential to the crude oil refining process.

Several hundred contractors are on site each day during the rebuild and will lay enough cable to travel one and a half times the length of the Grand Canyon and enough piping to climb Mount Everest seven times. The project focuses on spending and hiring locally in the Superior region, whenever possible.

In January, we announced a target completion for the rebuild in early 2023. When finished, the Superior Refinery capacity will be 49,000 barrels of oil per day.

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