PRIDE@CVE: Celebrating our employee’s true colours

Pride paradeJune 2022 – Pride Month is observed every June to honour the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan – an important event in LGBTQ2S+ history. What started as a peaceful march in New York has evolved into a month-long celebration in cities across the world. And rather than just celebrate Pride during the specified month, our PRIDE@CVE group aims for greater acceptance, unity, and equality for the LGBTQ2S+ community all year round.

“PRIDE@CVE is one of Cenovus’s five staff-led employee resource groups, and we provide education on LGBTQ2S+ challenges and opportunities, while fostering a safe and positive environment for all staff regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression,” explains Chris Moch, co-chair of PRIDE@CVE and Cenovus development engineer. “We want to make sure everyone can be their authentic selves at work and that the LGBTQ2S+ community is represented at Cenovus and has support.”

Over the past year, the PRIDE@CVE membership has doubled. “We have been working to build enthusiasm and keep our growing membership engaged through online events, which are now starting to transition to in-person events,” adds Frank Reddick, co-chair of PRIDE@CVE and Cenovus staff reservoir engineer.
Pride cupcakesDuring the month, the group treated staff across the company to rainbow cakes and cupcakes with a wide variety of Pride-themed swag and giveaways. Other events have also taken place this month, including PRIDE@CVE members partnering with the LGBTQ society in Lloydminster to walk in the local Pride parade.
“We are hoping to participate in more Pride events later this year, host LGBTQ2S+ speakers, provide more support resources for employees and families, and bring LGTBQ2S+ issues to the forefront by providing inclusion and diversity moments at meetings this year,” says Chris.

Tying back to the group’s mandate of providing education and support, PRIDE@CVE has supplied field site libraries with resources on LGBTQ2S+ challenges and opportunities. These libraries are a joint effort between the five Cenovus employee resource groups, which plan to expand the existing libraries and create new ones wherever possible.

“I started in this industry 20 years ago and it’s inspiring to see the changes that have occurred in the LGBTQS2+ space,” says Frank. “Our long-term goal continues to be making sure members of our community can come to work and be authentic with no fear or judgement.”

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