Not Myself Today - Supporting the psychological health and safety of our staff

October 2022 – It’s okay to not feel like yourself some days. It happens to everyone. But the more we are aware of our feelings and how others are doing, the more we can support ourselves and one another.

At Cenovus Energy, we understand workplaces play a big role in fostering positive mental health and have the power to transform how our staff show up. Continuing to deliver top-tier mental health and wellness support is a company priority and, with the proper training and education, we can build a workplace that normalizes conversations around mental health and encourages healthy attitudes, enabling our staff to perform at their best.

Since 2018, we’ve participated in the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) workplace mental health initiative, Not Myself Today (NMT), which helps transform mental health at work. As part of the program, staff across Cenovus have stepped up as ambassadors, helping to champion and build a healthier and more supportive workplace environment.

“The program aims to provide greater awareness and build empathy and understanding toward those living with mental health conditions and the stigma that is often associated with it,” says Leora Hornstein, Well-being Specialist, Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience. “Our ambassadors have access to additional training and resources, putting them in a unique position to champion NMT and provide a safe space to offer support to help shift our well-being culture.” 

As an NMT ambassador, Josh Kostyk, Panel/Relief Operator at Foster Creek, has had the opportunity to share his personal experiences with those who may be struggling or who may not understand the complicated world of mental health.  

“Through my own journey with depression and anxiety, I’ve discovered that the stigma of mental illness can be more difficult than the illness itself,” says Josh. “As an ambassador, and by sharing my own experiences, I’m able to assist with the development and improvement of programs like NMT, and to help address any environmental or systemic problems that could negatively affect mental wellness within the workplace.”

NMT is one of many initiatives, along with mental health training and various tools and resources, that we offer staff as part of our mental health and well-being strategy all year long.

In addition to this, each October we feature well-being events across our operations to shine a spotlight on, and prioritize, health and well-being. 

“This year, along with guest speakers and NMT information sessions, we’ve launched a well-being challenge through Cenovus Cares, our Employee Giving and Volunteering Program,” says Leora. “Employees who complete the featured missions will earn rewards to benefit charities and not-for-profits of their choice. Creating opportunities to give back and help others is important to include in a well-being strategy. So, whether boosting our personal or organizational health or strengthening the communities where live and work, we know that we are stronger when we work together.” 

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