Cenovus celebrates milestone refinery anniversaries

September 2022 – Cenovus Energy has long-standing history at many of its operational assets, and two of our refineries have recently reached significant milestones. Our Lloydminster Refinery in Alberta has been in operation for 75 years and our Lima Refinery in Ohio has been in operation for 135 years.  

“These milestones give us time to reflect on the many years these communities have supported the assets and express appreciation for the generations who have contributed to our longevity,” says Doreen Cole, Senior Vice President, Downstream Manufacturing at Cenovus. 

These refineries have become local mainstays and active community members. Collectively, both refineries have made hundreds of investments in surrounding communities.  

“We want to congratulate and celebrate our employees who have enabled safe, reliable and responsible operations that have stood the test of time.  I also want to thank everyone for supporting our journey of continuous improvement, whether that be in safety and operational goals or community engagement,” says Doreen. 

At Cenovus, our employees live our values, and that's embodied in Lima and Lloydminster. We're grateful to the skilled workers who support the refinery and to the communities where we operate.

Lloydminster Refinery

About the refinery:

  • The refinery was moved from Wyoming in 1946 and began operation in Lloydminster in 1947.
  • It produces more than 30 different types and grades of road asphalt from heavy oil. These range from road oils used for dust control to highway-grade asphalt.
  • The asphalt refinery also produces a naphtha condensate that is blended with heavy oil production and drilling fluids, a kerosene distillate and gas oil which is processed at the Lloydminster upgrader into low-sulphur diesel and Husky Synthetic Blend.

Did you know?

  • This refinery is the largest producer of paving asphalt in Western Canada.
  • The refinery employs about 120 people.
  • The refinery makes $600,000 in social investment contributions each year.

Lima Refinery

About the refinery:

  • Our Lima Refinery produces low sulphur gasoline, gasoline blend stocks, ultra-low sulphur diesel, jet fuel, petrochemical feedstock and other byproducts.
  • A crude oil flexibility project completed in 2019 increased heavy oil processing capacity at the refinery providing flexibility to switch between light and heavy crude oil feedstock.
  • The refined products are transported via pipelines and rail cars to primary markets in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and southern Michigan.

Did you know?

  • The refinery employs about 450 people, and several hundred contractors are on site daily.
  • The refinery makes $600,000 in social investment contributions each year.
  • John D. Rockefeller founded the refinery in 1886, after paying a farmer about $20,000 for his land. The refinery operates in the same location today.
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