Celebrate, connect and contribute: How FUSION@Cenovus is breaking down cultural barriers

November 2022— Salsa dancing, dragon boat racing and Chinese New Year — what do they all have in common? They are some of the cultural celebrations organized by FUSION@Cenovus, one of Cenovus Energy’s five employee-led inclusion and diversity networks.

FUSION@Cenovus's mission is to bridge cultural gaps between staff. The network holds events throughout the year that focus on celebrating and fostering an understanding of different cultures and their traditions. Usually consisting of food and informative presentations, FUSION@Cenovus events have included supper clubs featuring Filipino and Iranian cuisine, as well as Cinco de Mayo and Nowruz celebrations. These events are an opportunity for staff to immerse themselves in a different culture and connect with their peers.

“Our cultural backgrounds affect the way we interact with each other in the workplace,” says Emmanuel Santos, Chair of FUSION@Cenovus and Team Lead, Supply Chain Management Service Center at Cenovus. “By learning about our culture differences, it can help staff understand each other and work together more effectively.”

In addition to enhancing workplace effectiveness, FUSION@Cenovus is actively contributing to our focus on inclusion and diversity by empowering visible minorities to take on leadership roles. One objective is to support the development of leadership and business skills for members. In the past, the network has hosted leadership training and workshops on being successful in a diverse work environment.

“We believe that when staff of all backgrounds are represented at the leadership level, it will inspire them to pursue these types of roles for themselves,” says Emmanuel. “Celebrating culture can also help staff feel more comfortable being their authentic selves at the office, which contributes to an inclusive workplace.”

Last fall, FUSION@Cenovus held its annual cultural celebration event for the fifth year running. Highlighting Colombia, Pakistan, Italy and Canada (specifically Alberta), each culture was featured through information sessions and networking opportunities, giving staff a chance to connect.

“This event really demonstrates the values that FUSION stands for: celebrate, connect and contribute,” says Emmanuel. “As we celebrate, we connect with our peers, which allows us to feel comfortable opening up and contributing more about our cultural background.”

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