Supplier fraud
Multiple fraudulent domains not connected to Cenovus are being used by scammers to contact suppliers and prospective hires. Learn how to protect yourself.
Inclusion & diversity networks
Our employee-led inclusion and diversity networks are intended to enhance the experience of all staff and to help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Learn more about working at Cenovus and our current opportunities.
Sustainability at Cenovus
Sustainability at Cenovus
Sustainability has always been deeply engrained in Cenovus’s culture. See how we remain committed to world-class safety performance and environmental, social and governance (ESG) leadership.
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Climate & GHG emissions
Supporting the transition to a lower carbon economy
Water stewardship
Using water in an environmentally sustainable manner
Addressing ecological, wildlife and land use impacts
Indigenous Reconciliation
Ongoing engagement to increase opportunities and understanding
Inclusion & diversity
Building a sense of belonging through active participation


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