Aboriginal community investment programs and initiatives

Working to make the communities where we live and work stronger and better off as a result of us being there means sharing the benefits associated with our operations. We support a wide range of organizations that are focused on the needs that matter most to the local community. The following is a sample of some of the programs and initiatives we work on together with Aboriginal community members near our operating areas.


Soaring: Indigenous Youth Career Conference | website

This conference brings together Aboriginal students from across Alberta in grades 8-12 to give them the opportunity to meet industry experts and learn about different career options and how to pursue them. The intention of the conference is to increase the high school graduation rate of and subsequent employment among Indigenous youth as well as to facilitate the transition from school to employment.

NAIT Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program Sponsored by Cenovus Energy| website

Through sponsorship from Cenovus, NAIT has developed an aboriginal youth leadership program that will assist First Nations communities on various levels, leading to benefits such as personal development, student success, and employment and community development.

Native Ambassadors Post-Secondary Initiative (N.A.P.I) | website

Cenovus is a sponsor of the N.A.P.I Program, an initiative designed specifically to encourage Aboriginal students to consider pursuing post-secondary education. The program, managed through the University of Calgary's Native Centre, provides leadership training and positive role modeling.

APEGA Increasing Diversity in Engineering & Geoscience | website

Cenovus is a strong supporter of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). Part of Cenovus’s support for APEGA is geared towards outreach and mentoring programs focused on attracting more women and Aboriginals to the engineering and geoscience professions.

Banff Centre Community of Leaders | website

Political leaders from our communities including local Aboriginal and Métis governments recently took part in a Banff Centre Community of Leaders workshop. They focused on developing strategies to enhance organizational effectiveness and community sustainability. We worked with the Banff Centre to develop the Community of Leaders program that's now in its third year.

Leading in Literacy and Numeracy for First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Students

This two day event brought together administrators from across school boards in Alberta. The focus of the event was on literacy and numeracy in an Aboriginal context and it provided school leaders with the tools they need to support student achievement and success.

Cenovus Aboriginal Scholarship Program

In 2011, Cenovus granted 18 scholarships for students pursuing post secondary education.


Janvier Workforce Strategy

In collaboration with a number of industry partners, we have supported the development of a workforce strategy for the community of Janvier. The strategy is focused on providing training and skill development as well as practical work experience for the members of this community.

Aboriginal Youth Safety & Education Training Program

We are working with the Job Safety Skill Society to develop the Aboriginal Youth Safety Education and Training program (AYSET). This is a unique program being designed to address the high incidence of non-intentional injuries to Aboriginal youth.

LYNX: Aboriginal Student Career and Employment Program

Cenovus continues to support the LYNX: Aboriginal Student Career and Employment Program through the University of Calgary. LYNX provides an opportunity for Aboriginal Students and recent graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions to connect directly with potential employers who are seeking to recruit qualified Aboriginal employees for internships, co-ops, summer employment and full-time positions.


Esquao Awards Gala | website

Cenovus has been a continuing supporter of the Esquao Awards Gala, celebrating Aboriginal Women that have made their community a better place for future generations. The event is organized and presented by the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW).

University of Calgary Graduation & Pow Wow | website

Cenovus has been a proud sponsor of the annual Aboriginal Banquet and Pow-wow at the University of Calgary. This event marks a "rights of passage" for Aboriginal students convocating from the University of Calgary.

Treaty days / Métis festivals

We support treaty days and Métis festivals that are held throughout the summer in a number of Alberta communities. The events celebrate Aboriginal and Métis culture through activities like dance performance and concerts.


Training Centres

Cenovus has provided funding for renovations and upgrading of training centres in the communities of Janvier and Bigstone Cree Nation. These renovations will allow for the communities to better serve their clients through skill development and training programs delivered right within the local community.