Community investment: Our focus areas

Our Community Investment program strategically concentrates its efforts in three core areas - learning, safety and well-being and sustainable communities. These areas reflect the positive differences we want to make in the communities where we work and live.

Learning: building strong and prosperous futures

Investing in education helps ensure a vibrant, dynamic future for our communities. We aim to help address this education imperative by supporting high impact programs that improve students' likelihood of staying in school, increase graduation rates in our communities, and provide life skills that create better futures.

Safety and well-being: enhancing personal health and safety

Strong communities start with healthy communities. Investing in programs that enhance and strengthen the safety and well-being of our communities is one of our top priorities. We assist programs that advance continuous safety improvement and wellness programs enriching the quality of life through mind, body and spirit. Emphasis is put on results-oriented programs promoting healthy activities and empowering people - through education and prevention - to live healthier lives.

Sustainable communities: fostering environmental innovation,
preserving local traditions and strengthening community capacity

The future relies on healthy and resilient communities that respect the environment, preserve local traditions and advance community capacity. By partnering with organizations that foster environmental conservation and economic development, we contribute to the strength and sustainability that will fuel healthy growth in our communities for years to come.