Expect Respect™ program

We created the Expect Respect™ program to help strengthen relationships and demonstrate respect in the communities where we operate so residents know they can expect respect in everything we do. It’s about being a good neighbour: being considerate, communicating openly and addressing concerns often associated with oil and gas operations such as noise, dust and speeding. It’s also about being safe and doing the right thing.

All employees and contractors working on a Cenovus site, living in a camp or representing Cenovus in the community are expected to follow a set of guiding principles we’ve developed to address:

  • Garbage
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Traffic
  • Wildlife
  • Weeds
  • Gates

If you have a concern, please contact us via our Integrity Helpline 1-877-760-6766 or by email Integrity.Helpline@cenovus.com